Summer Term 2021

20.04.2021Julian Nyarko (Stanford Law School)A Statistical Test for Legal Interpretation: Theory and Applications (joint with Sarath Sanga)
18.05.2021David Murphy (Bank of England & LSE Law)Some Perspectives on and Problematics of Regulatory Impact Analysis
01.06.2021Talia Gillis (Columbia Law School)The Input Fallacy (False Dreams of Algorithmic Fairness: The Case of Credit Pricing)
15.06.2021Kate Waldock (Columbia Millstein Center)Unearthing Zombies (with Nirupama Kulkarni, S. K. Ritadhi, and Siddharth Vij)
22.06.2021Zachary Liscow (Yale Law School)The Psychology of Taxing Capital Income: Evidence from a Survey Experiment on the Realization Rule
13.07.2021Tom Zimmermann (Univ. of Cologne)Limits of Disclosure Regulation in the Municipal Bond Market (with Ivan T. Ivanov & Nathan W. Heinrich)


Winter Term 2020/2021



Gerd Mühlheusser (Univ. of Hamburg)Smart Products: Liability, Investments in Product Safety, and the Timing of Market Introduction
01.12.2020Achim Wambach (ZEW Mannheim & Monopolkommisson) Das XXIII. Hauptgutachten der Monopolkommission – Wettbewerb 2020
15.12.2020 Katerina Linos (UC Berkeley Law) Fundraising for Stigmatized Groups
19.01.2021 Sebastian Grund (International Monetary Fund)The Quest for a European Safe Asset
02.02.2021Andrew McLean (University College London)Competition Law in an Era of Financial Capitalism: The Case of Killer Acquisitions


Summer Term 2020

12.05.2020 Steven Schwarcz (Duke University School of Law)Pandemics and Systemtic Financial Risk
26.05.2020Jo Braithwaite (London School of Economics)A successful decade for post-crisis regulatory reform of the OTC derivatives markets? The complex case of client clearing
09.06.2020Luke Froeb (Vanderbilt Unversity)Bargaining Competition and Vertical Mergers
23.06.2020Alex Rees-Jones (Cornell University)Reversing Reserves
07.07.2020Tim Friehe (University of Marburg)Punishment for Intentions or Outcomes: The Role of Gender and Social Norms

Winter Term 2019/2020


Adam Badawi
(UC Berkeley Law)

How Informative Is the Text of Securities Complaints?

Elisabeth Noble
(European Banking Authority)

Stablecoins: Moving beyond the hype
12.11.2019Shitong Qiao
(University of Hong Kong)

Procedural Justice or Procedural Excuse? Strategic Adjudication of Eminent Domain Cases in High People’s Courts

13.11.2019Glen Weyl (Microsoft Research)

Mechanism Design in the Spirit of George and Vickrey

Micro Workshop BGSE/ ECONtribute Law and Econ Workshop


Glen Weyl (Microsoft Research)

RadicalxChange: Next Generation Political Economy

ECONtribute Special Talk/ Law and Econ Workshop

03.12.2019Juan-José Ganuza (Pompeu Fabra University)Statistical Discrimination and the Efficiency of Quotas
14.01.2020Menusch Khadjavi (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Institut für Weltwirtschaft Kiel)Do Scientists Tell the Truth? Evidence from a Field Experiment




Summer Term 2019

02.04.2019Wendy E. Wagner (University of Texas at Austin)Incomprehensible!: A Book Project on How Neglected Information Processing Costs can Create Problematic Comprehension Asymmetries in Legal Processes
16.04.2019Bryan McCannon
(West Virginia University)
Bargaining in the Shadow of the Trial?
21.05.2019Anthony Niblett
(University of Toronto)
Using Machine Learning to Predict Reasonable Notice Awards
28.05.2019Mike Livermore
(University of Virginia)
Opinion Publication and the Study of Judicial Politics in the U.S. Appellate Courts
04.06.2019Adi Leibovitch
(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Aspirational Rules

Winter Term 2018/19

15.11.2018 Michael Klausner (Stanford)Board Declassification and Form Value: Have Shareholders and Boards Really Destroyed Billions in Value?
11.12.2018Emeric Henry (Sciences Po)When in Rome... on judicial delegation


Miriam Buiten (Mannheim)Liability of Online Hosting Platforms: Should exceptionalism end?
15.01.2019 Marco Ottaviani (Bocconi)Ex Ante Approval, Ex Post Withdrawal, and Liability
22.01.2019Yuval Feldman (Bar- Ilan University)Big Data and the Situational Regulation of Ordinary Unethicality

Summer Term 2018

10.04.2018 Andreas Engert (University of Mannheim)"Ask, don`t just take: Property rules are more efficient than liability rules under asymmetric information"
29.05.2018Murat Mungan (George Mason University) The signal- tuning function of liability regimes


JJ Prescott (University of Michigan)Noncompetes and Employee Mobility
10.07.2018 Mathias Siems (Durham University)Twenty Years of "Law and Finance": Time to Take Law Seriously

Winter Term 2017/2018

02.11.2017Joshua Teitelbaum (Georgetown Law)“Tort Law and Unawareness”
07.11.2017Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt (University of Cologn) “Salience and Antitrust: The Role of Brand Image Concerns”

12.12.2017 (cancelled)

Miriam Müthel (WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management)"Intended and Unintended Consequences of Individual Liability in the Banking Industry"
11.01.2018Sebastian Peyer (UEA Norwic) "Compensation culture arguments and their use in the courts"
16.01.2018Mikael Priks (Stockholm University)"Imprisonment and Crime - Empirical Evidence using Exogenous Variation"
23.01.2018Stefano Colonello (IWH and Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)"Do Courts Matter for Firm Value? Evidence from the U.S. Court System"
30.01.2018Elliott Ash (University of Warwick)"Optimal Contract Design in the Field: Rigidity and Control in Collective Bargaining"

Summer Term 2017

18.04.2017Francois Brochet (Boston University)Market Value of Anticipated Governance Changes
26.04.2017Jennifer Reinganum and Andrew Daughety (Vanderbilt University)Information Suppression by Teams and Violations of the Brady Rule (joint event with the Micro Theory Seminar)
13.06.2017Mathew McCubbins (Duke University)The Constitutional Foundations of the Interruption of Executive and Legislative Function
27.06.2017Henrik Lando (Copenhagen Business School)The Effect of Type-1 Error on Deterrence
04.07.2017Thomas Lambert (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)Winning Connections? Lobbying and the Resolution of Failed Bank
18.07.2017Keren Weinshall (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Equal in the Eyes of the Law? Pro-Plaintiff Cost Shifting in Civil Procedures

Winter Term 2016/2017

25.10Matteo Rizzolli (LUMSA University Rome)Being Bourgeois: The Emergence of Private Property in the Law
29.11Adrian Künzler (Society in Science Branco Weiss / Yale Law School)Dilution Law, Vertical Agreements, and the Constructions of Consumption
06.12Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting
13.12Ansgar Wohlschlegel (University of Portsmouth)Bunching on the Autobahn: Speeding responses to a `notched' penalty scheme
21.02Alexander Stremitzer (UC Los Angeles)Promises, Expectations, and Social Cooperation

Summer Term 2016

20.04.2016Jesse Fried (Harvard)Cheap-Stock Tunneling Around Pre-emptive Rights
03.05.2016 Justus Haucap (HHU Düsseldorf) Buyer Power and Competition in German Grocery Retailing
17.05.2016Philipp Hacker (HU Berlin) Overcoming the Knowledge Problem in Behavioral Law and Economics: Uncertainty, Decision Theory, and Maximin Analysis
07.06.2016Daniel Klerman (USC Gould School of Law)Settlement and Selection with Correlated Two-Sided Asymmetric Information
14.06.2016Roberta Romano (Yale)The Private Ordering Solution to Multiforum Shareholder
28.06.2016Franziska Weber (Uni Hamburg)The damages regime in European competition law – some (comparative) legal and economic considerations
12.07.2016 Sven Höppner (Uni Gent) "The Moral Hazard Effect of Liquidated Damages: An Experiment on Contract Remedies"
19.07.2016 Karl Riesenhuber (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) Ökonomische Argumente in der Rechtsfindung und in der Vertragsauslegung

Winter Term 2015/2016

03.11.2015Lars Klöhn (LMU München)An Experimental Investigation of Judicial Decision-Making
17.11.2015Daniel Chen (ETH Zürich)Do Policies Affect Preferences? Evidence from Random Variation in Abortion Jurisprudenc
01.12.2015Christian Leuz (University of Chicago)Public Audit Oversight and Reporting Credibility: Evidence from the PCAOB Inspection Regime
15.12.2015Peter Cziraki (University of Toronto)Bank Payout Policy, Performance, and Insider Trading in the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009
12.01.2016Stefan Bechthold (ETH Zürich)The Price of Moral Rights: A Field Experiment
19.01.2016Georg von Wangenheim (Uni Kassel)Failing to Protect the Tenant - How Restricting the Landlord's Right to Pass on Modernization Costs to Tenants Increases Rents
09.02.2016Eric Langlais (University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre)Public Law Enforcers and Political Competition

Summer Term 2015





James Konow (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles)

Can Economic Ethics Be Taught?


Stefan Voigt

The Economics of Emergency Constitutions


Gillian Hadfield (University of Southern California)

Building Legal Order in Ancient Athens


Carsten Gerner-Beuerle (LSE)

Law and Finance in Emerging Economies: The Case of Germany 1800-1913


Philipp Paech (LSE)

The Value of Insolvency Safe Harbours


Gerd Mühlheußer (Uni Hamburg)

Black Sheep or Scapegoats?Implementable Monitoring Policies under Unobservable Levels of Misbehavior

Winter Term 2014/2015





Ben Vollaard (Tilburg University)

Turning a bad example into a warning: A natural field experiment into salience of law enforcement

at 10:30

Daniel Markovits (Yale Law School)

The Distributional Preferences of an Elite


at 17.00

Georg Ringe
(Copenhagen Business School)

Corporate Mobility in the EU - a Flash in the Pan? An Empirical Study on the Success of Lawmaking and Regulatory Competition


Francesco Parisi (University of Minnesota & University of Bologna)

Unbundling Efficient Breach



Dirk Schoenmaker
(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

A Fiscal Backstop to the Banking System


Winand Emons (University of Bern)

Why Plaintiffs' Attorneys Use Contingent and Defense Attorneys Fixed Fee Contracts


Abraham Wickelgren
(University of Texas)

A Novel Justification for Legal Restrictions on Non-Compete Clauses

Spring Term 2014

Date Presenter Paper
29.04.2014 Cédric Argenton
(Tilburg University)
Optimal deterrence of illegal behavior
under imperfect corporate governance
13.05.2014 Gyöngyi Lóránth
(Vienna University)
Regulating Bank CEO Compensation
with Active Boards
05.06.2014 Peter Grajzl
(Washington and
Lee University)
Inside post-socialist courts:
The determinants of adjudicatory
outcomes in Slovenian commercial disputes
13.06.2014 Steeve Mongrain
(Simon Fraser University)
Crime, wealth, and protection:
theory and Canadian evidence
24.06.2014 Jennifer Arlen
Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention?
The Debiasing Effect of Institutions
08.07.2014 Dan Awrey
(Oxford University)
Hardwired Conflicts: The Big Bang Protocol, Libor and the Paradox of Private Ordering
15.07.2014 Christian Traxler
(Hertie School)

Compliance Behavior in Networks:
Evidence from a Field Experiment

Winter Term 2013/2014

Date Presenter Paper
01.10.2013 Yun-Chien Chang
(Academia Sinica)
Anchoring effect in real litigation:
An empirical study
22.10.2013 Oren Bar-Gill
Price Caps in Multi-Price Markets
12.11.2013 Tobias Tröger
(Goethe University)
The Single Supervisory Mechanism -
Panacea or Quack Banking Regulation?
26.11.2013 Lars Hornuf
(LMU Munich)
Can Network Effects Impede Optimal
Contracting in Debt Securities?
10.12.2013 Rosa Ferrer
(UPF Barcelona)

Gender Gaps in Performance:
Evidence from Young Lawyers

15.01.2014 Botond Köszegi
(CEU Budapest)

Seller Information about Consumer Naiveté Lowers Welfare

21.03.2014 Kathryn Spier
(Harvard University)

Trial and Settlement:
A Study of High-Low Agreements

Spring Term 2013

Date Presenter Paper
19.03.2013 Jeffrey J. Rachlinski
(Cornell University)
Arbitrary Adjudication: How Anchoring and Scaling Distort Awards and Sentences
09.04.2013 Raúl López Pérez
(Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
On Envious Damaging
23.04.2013 Theodore Eisenberg
(Cornell University)
When Courts Determine Fees in a System With a Loser Pays Norm: Fee Award Denials to Winning Plaintiffs and Defendants
14.05.2013 Avraham Tabbach
(Tel Aviv University)
More Manipulation Less Risk Taking?
28.05.2013 Horst Eidenmüller
(LMU Munich)
Regulating Group Insolvencies
04.06.2013 Yolande Hiriart
(Université de Franche-Comté)
Relative Performance of Liability Rules:
Experimental Evidence
18.06.2013 Holger Spamann
(Harvard University)
Normal Crime, Unusual Punishment:
US Numbers in Global Perspective
02.07.2013 Florian Baumann
(University of Düsseldorf)
Competitive Pressure and Corporate Crime

Lisa Bruttel
(University of Konstanz)

Is There an Exclusionary Effect of Retroactive Price Reduction Schemes?

Winter Term 2012/13

Date Presenter Paper
09.10.2012 Katharina Pistor (Columbia University) On the Theoretical Foundations for Regulating Financial Markets
16.10.2012 Loukas Balafoutas (University of Innsbruck) Security of Property as a Public Good: Experimental Choices and Survey Data in Five Countries
30.10.2012 Christian Zehnder (HEC Lausanne) A Theory of Informal Justice
13.11.2012 Eric van Damme
(Tilburg University)
Procuring Coinsurance Contracts for Large Risks
27.11.2012 Daniel Chen (ETH Zürich) The Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty? Evidence from British Commutations During World War I
04.12.2012 Claude Fluet (Université du Québec à Montréal) The Role of Social Interactions in the Design of Legal Regimes
18.12.2012 Uwe Sunde (LMU Munich) Violence During Democratization and the Quality of Democracy
15.01.2013 Luigi Franzoni (University of Bologna) Optimal Liability Design under Risk and
22.01.2013 Susanne Goldlücke
(University of Mannheim)
Do Agents Need Discretion? - The Business Judgment Rule as Optimal Standard of Care

Spring Term 2012

Date Presenter Paper
27.03.2012 Henry Hansmann (Yale) Virtual Ownership and Managerial Distance: The Governance of Industrial Foundations
10.04.2012 Sebastian Kranz (University of Cologne) Incentive Regulation for Transmission Network Operators
22.05.2012 Ioannis Lianos (University College London) Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in the Search Engine Market: Analysis of Exploitative and Exclusionary Abuses
12.06.2012 Patrick Leyens (University of Hamburg) Corporate Governance: International Research, Market-Based Approaches and Regulatory Challenges
19.06.2012 Eric Talley (Berkeley) Law, Economics, and the Burden(s) of Proof in Litigation
26.06.2012 Alan Schwartz (Yale) Contracting About Private Benefits of Control

Winter Term 2011/12

Date Presenter Paper
25.10.2011 Tomaso Duso (University of Düsseldorf) Competition Policy and Productivity Growth: An Empirical Assessment
08.11.2011 Giulio Federico (IESE Business School and Barcelona GSE) Abusive Incentive Contracts: British Airways Revisited
22.11.2011 Uwe Walz (University of Frankfurt) Going Public - Going Private - The Corporate Governance of VC-Backed Firms
13.12.2011 Michael Waibel (University of Cambridge) Are Arbitrators Political?
17.01.2012 Iwan Bos (Maastricht University) Explicit versus Tacit Collusion: A Theory of Cartel Formation
24.01.2012 Jens-Uwe Franck (University of Munich) and Patrick Andreoli-Versbach (IMPRS-CI and University of Munich) Forensic Application of Economic Evidence: Detecting Tacit Coordinations in Oligopolistic Markets
31.01.2012 Doron Teichman (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Reference Points and Contractual Choices: An Empirical Examination

Spring Term 2011


Date Presenter Paper
12.04.2011 Ram Singh (Delhi School of Economics) Procurement Contracts: Comparison of Incentive Structures and Outcomes
26.04.2011 Jens Prüfer (Tilburg University) On the Evolution of Collective Enforcement Institutions II: Business Associations and Credit Bureaus
17.05.2011 Olivier Marie (Maastricht University) Education and Crime: Individual Measures of the Causal Relationship
07.06.2011 Lewis Kornhauser (NYU) An Experimental Study of Simple Voting
12.07.2011 Mathias Siems (University of East Anglia) Cross-Citations between Supreme Courts in Europe
19.07.2011 Christian Thöni (University of St. Gallen) Media Violence and Retaliatory Aggression

Winter Term 2010/11

Date Presenter Paper
12.10.2010 Evgenia Motchenkova (University of Amsterdam) The Effects of Leniency Programs on Maximal Cartel Pricing
02.11.2010 Matthias Lang (University of Bonn) Legal Uncertainty - an Effective Deterrence in Competition Law?
09.11.2010 Paolo Buonanno (University of Bergamo) Advocatus, et non Latro? Testing the Supplier-Induced Demand Hypothesis for Italian Courts of Justice
23.11.2010 Klaus Mathis (University of Lucerne) Consequentialism in Law
07.12.2010 Nicola Gennaioli (CREI, Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Standardized Enforcement: Access to Justice vs Contractual Innovation


Juan-Jose Ganuza (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) Minimizing Errors, Maximizing Incentives: Optimal Court Decisions and the Quality of Evidence
11.01.2011 Liliane Karlinger (University of Vienna) Retail Competition and Upstream Market
Power under Sequential Entry
18.01.2011 Özgür Gürerk (University of Erfurt) Voting with Feet - Community Choice in Social Dilemmas

Spring Term 2010

Date Presenter Paper
13.04.2010 Baptiste Massenot (Toulouse School of Economics) Contract Enforcement, Litigation and Economic Development
20.04.2010 Carmine Guerriero (University of Amsterdam) Democracy, Judical Attitudes and Heterogeneity: The Civil vs. Common Law Tradition
27.04.2010 Thomas Ulen (University of Illinois) Law´s Role in Economic Growth and Development
18.05.2010 Ruby Henry
(Toulouse School of Economics)
Does racism affect a migrant´s choice of city?
15.06.2010 Vigen Nikogosian
(ZEW, Mannheim)
On Vertical Integration, Regulation and Non-Price Discrimination in German Electricity Markets
29.06.2010 John Armour (University of Oxford) Is Delaware Losing Its Cases?
06.07.2010 Randi Hjalmarsson (Queen Mary, University of London The Origins of Intergenerational Associations in Crime: Lessons from Swedish Adoption Data
13.07.2010 Francesco Drago (University of Naples) Crime in Europe and in the US: Dissecting the "Reversal of Misfortunes"
10.07.2010 Andreas Engert
(University of Köln)
Where Do Firms Issue Debt? An Empirical Analysis of Issuer Location and Regulatory Competition in the European Corporate Debt Market

Winter Term 2009/10

Date Presenter Paper
27.10.2009 Emanuela Carbonara (University of Bologna) Unjust Laws and Illegal Norms

Bernhard Ganglmair (University of Zurich)

Innovation, Patent Hold-Up and Equilibrium Effects of RAND Commitments
24.11.2009 Timo Goeschl (University of Heidelberg) Environmental Crime and Punishment: Empirical Evidence from the German Penal Code
15.12.2009 Joel van der Weele
(European University Institute)
Procedures as Signals
22.12.2009 Thomas Kittsteiner
(RWTH Aachen University)
Heterogeneity and Partnership Dissolution Mechanisms: Theory and Lab Evidence
12.01.2010 Dennis Gärtner (University of Zurich) Making Sense of Non-Binding Retail-Price Recommendations
19.01.2010 Daniel Cerquera (ZEW) Recommended Retail Prices and Collusion in Pharma Markets: The Case of ED Drugs
02.02.2010 Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci
(University of Amsterdam)
Luxury in Ancient Rome: Scope, Timing and Enforcement of Sumptuary Laws

Spring Term 2009

Date Presenter Paper
17.03.2009 Scott Hemphill
(Columbia Law School)
An AggregateApproach to Antitrust: Using New Data and Rulemaking to Preserve Drug Competition
07.04.2009 Philipp Weinschenk
A Problem of Liability - How Strict Liabilitiy can Lead to Distortions and Redistributions
21.04.2009 Avraham Tabbach (Tel Aviv University) Reactive Versus Proactive Optimal Law Enforcement (Sequential versus Simultaneous Law Enforcement
26.05.2009 Alexander Morell
(MPI - Bonn)
Sticky Rebates: Rollback Rebates Induce Non-Rational Loyalty in COnsumers - Experimantal Evidence
02.06.2009 Geoffrey Miller
Attorney´s Fees and Expenses in Class Action Settlements: 1993 - 2008
16.06.2009 Henrik Lando
(Copenhagen Business School
A Rationale for the Limitation Period in Sales Law
30.06.2009 Ben Vollaard
(Tilburg University)
The effect of Built-in security on burglary. Evidence from a natural experiment
07.07.2009 Patrick Leyens
(Universität Hamburg)
Risikosensitivität als finanzmarktrechtliches Regelungsprinzip: Überlegungen zur Bankenkrise am Beispiel der Einlagensicherung
21.07.2009 Rick Brooks
(Yale Law School)
Uncertain Breach of Contract and Efficient Preleminary Remedies

Winter Term 2008/09

Date Presenter Paper
07.10.2008 Lars Feld (University of Heidelberg) Power over Prosecutors Corrupts Politicians: Cross Country Evidence Using a New Indicator
04.11.2008 Florian Baumann (University of Tübingen) On the Superiority of Damage Averaging in the Case of Strict Liability
18.11.2008 Roberto Galbiati (University of Paris X and University Bocconi) Can sanctions create skeptics? An experimental investigation
25.11.2008 Uri Weiss (Center for Rationality, Hebrew University Jerusalem) The Robber Asks to Be Punished
02.12.2008 Martin Halla (University of Linz)

The Effect of Joint Custody on Marriage and Divorce

16.12.2008 Dirk Zetzsche (University of Duesseldorf) Gedanken zur effizienten Durchsetzung kapitalmarktrechtlicher Vorschriften zur Anteilstransparenz
13.01.2009 Nuno Garoupa (University of Illinois and IMDEA, Madrid) The economics of activity levels and negligence standards
27.01.2009 Giesela Rühl (Humboldt University) Die Probleme internationaler Transaktionen: Das Internationale Privatrecht auf dem Prüfstand der ökonomischen Theorie
10.02.2009 Baptiste Massenot (Toulouse School of Economics) Comparative Legal Systems in the Credit Market

Spring Term 2008

Date Presenter Paper
08.04.2008 Giovanni Immordino (University of Salerno) Private Initiative and Judicial Error
22.04.2008 Patrick Leyens (University of Hamburg) CANCELLED
13.05.2008 Carsten Jungmann (Bucerius Law School - Hamburg) Die Rechtfertigung der Business Judgment Rule und ihre Geltung außerhalb des Aktienrechts
20.05.2008 Stephan Tontrup (MPI for Research on Collective Goods - Bonn) Beyond the Outcome - An Economic Experiment on Procedural Fairness
03.06.2008 Ed Morrison (Columbia Law School) Creditor Control and Conflict in Chapter 11 Reorganizations
17.06.2008 Jennifer Reinganum/ Andrew Daughety (Vanderbilt University) Mass Torts and the Incentives for Suit, Settlement, and Trial
08.07.2008 Surajeet Chakravarty (University of Exeter) Contracting in the Shadow of the Law
15.07.2008 Rosa Ferrer (Vanderbilt University) The Effect of Lawyers' Career Concerns in Litigation
22.07.2008 Tim Friehe (University of Tübingen) On the Sequencing of Remedies in Sales Law

Winter Term 2007/08

Date Presenter Paper
16.10.2007 Martin Gelter (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration) The Subordination of Shareholder Loans in Bankruptcy
30.10.2007 Ansgar Wohlschlegel (Universität Aachen) All-unit Discounts and Competing Entrants
20.11.2007 Alexander Stremitzer (Universität Bonn) Standard Breach Remedies, Quality Thresholds and Cooperative Investments
04.12.2007 Lars Klöhn (Universität Göttingen) Interessenkonflikte zwischen Aktionären und Gläubigern der Aktiengesellschaft im Spiegel der Vorstandspflichten
11.12.2007 Georg von Graevenitz (LMU München) Consumer Welfare and Competition Policy
15.01.2008 Markus Rehberg (LMU - München) Consumer Welfare and Competition Policy
22.01.2008 Christoph Engel (MPI for Research on Collective Goods) Institutions for Intuitive Man

Spring Term 2007

Date Presenter Paper
03.04.2007 Klaus Ulrich Schmolke Institutional Investors' Mandatory Voting Disclosure - European Plans and U.S. Experience
17.04.2007 Alexander Morell Psychology of Decision Making in Antitrust Law? First Steps in the Doctrine of Art. 82 EG
15.05.2007 Susanne Ohlendorf Expectation Damages: Efficient Breach and Efficient Two-sided Reliance
05.06.2007 Stephan Tontrup The Comparative Advantage of Self-Governance
12.06.2007 Felix Höffler Investment incentives and (legal) unbundling in network industries
26.06.2007 Christoph Thole Insolvenzrechtliche Fragestellungen und ökonomische Analyse
17.07.2007 Tobias Tröger (Universität Tübingen) An Agency Theory Approach to Partnership Law
24.07.2007 Kristoffel Grechening (Universität St. Gallen) No derivative shareholder suits in europe

Winter Term 2006/07

Date Presenter Paper
06.02.2007 Alexander Stremitzer Opportunistic Termination
20.02.2007 Stefan Bechtold Controlling Secondary Markets
20.03.2007 Bernhard Ganglmair Cancellation of Multi-Period Installment Contracts and Yet Another Hold-Up Problem: A "Legal" Solution