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History and organisation

A cooperation agreement between the University of Bonn and the Deutsche Notarrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. laid the foundations for the establishment of the Rhenish Institute of Notary Law. Originally limited to a period of five years, this agreement was extended for another five years in November 2010. On the 21 March 2015 another extension was agreed. This landmark was celebrated subsequent to the symposium „Gefahren der E-Rechtskommuniation“ on the 30 October 2015. In November 2020 the Rhenish Institute of Notary Law celebrates another extension of the cooperation agreement.

The Rhenish Institute of Notary Law  conducts scientific research into all legal matters relating to the notary and contract design. This is achieved by means of courses and symposia.The frequent involvement in scientific research projects is desired and encouraged. In addition to the German Notary Association and its institute in Würzburg, there are several Institutes dealing with the notary in Germany: e.g. the Forschungsstelle für Notarrecht an der LMU München, das Notarinstitut an der HU Berlin, the Institute in Bonn and the Institut für Notarrecht at Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena.

The Institute is supported by the Rheinische Notarkammer, the Notarkammer Koblenz and the Saarländische Notarkammer. It is the intention of the Rhenish Institute of Notary Law to not only work within the University of Bonn itself but also to cooperate closely with other judicial faculties in the region, especially Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz.

Information on the organisation of the Institute:

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