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  • You study at one of the best research universities in Germany and are taught by nationally renowned professors of law.
  • Start studying in the summer or winter semester. The Department offers you the same quality of courses in every semester. Naturally, every initial semester is oriented in such a way that you have an opportunity to take the exam early if you choose.
  • The Department of Law offers you ideal study conditions right from the start. In the initial semesters, a large number of working groups are offered in which the lecture material is repeated and looked at in more depth. The law library offers outstanding study conditions, with over 112,000 pieces of media and free WiFi throughout the building.
  • In the specialist degree program, you can choose from an unusually wide range of courses. The ten different specialist areas are an expression of the special research tradition of the Bonn department. The individual institutes have well-equipped special libraries, in which you can deepen your knowledge in a targeted way.
  • The University of Bonn also offers a bachelor course in Law and Economics. The course provides training in key areas of law and economics in six semesters. After completing a bachelor, it is possible to continue with the regular law degree (the German 'Staatsexamen'), a Master of Laws (LL.M.), a bachelor or master course in economics (B.Sc., M.Sc.) or a doctoral studies program in economic sciences.
  • Bonn is linked to over 50 different universities in Europe and around the world with exchange programs. Broaden your personal horizons and gain initial experience overseas.
  • In Bonn, you will not be left on your own at any time. The support on offer from the Department will not let you down either during or after the exam. The high-quality, free Bonn examination course summarizes the material in a structured way. In addition, you will be prepared optimally for your exam with an examination course with two exams per week, the possibility of a mock exam, and a special speech team.
  • Benefit from the high level of your fellow students while also enjoying the central location of the international Federal City of Bonn. Besides a student atmosphere throughout the city, you can also experience many stars from music, culture and television live. Whether it be a concert on the famous Museum Mile or in the cozy Rheinaue on the southern bank of the Rhine.
  • Make the most of the opportunity to study in a UN city in which international conferences and meetings are held. What’s more, you can gain additional insights into professional life during your degree program with an internship at one of the many law firms, federal authorities, scientific institutions and companies in the Bonn region.

You are welcome to find out more about the law degree in Bonn on our website.