Welcome to the Department of Law

Find out more on our website about the law degree at one of the best research universities in Germany in the international environment of the United Nations.

There are many good reasons for studying law in Bonn:

  • You will study at one of the preeminent research universities in Germany, with lectures given by renowned law professors.
  • You may start your studies in the summer or winter semester, because the courses offered in all semesters have the same high quality and are, naturally, always orientated towards you being able to achieve the First State Examination’s free attempt (a free examination attempt which can be disregarded if the student does not pass).
  • From the beginning, the Law Faculty provides you with the optimal studying conditions. During the first semesters, many tutorials are offered where you can revise and deepen your knowledge of lecture material. Our central library has more than 112.000 examples of reference material, this, together with free Wi-Fi throughout the building, make for an excellent learning environment with many possibilities.
  • For your specialization, you can choose from an exceptionally wide range of lectures. The nine different specialization fields embody the unique research tradition of the Bonn Law Faculty. The faculty’s individual departments have well-equipped, specialized libraries, where you can focus and develop your knowledge.
  • The Law faculty will always be there to support and advise you throughout the whole of your studies, including preparation for the exam. We offer a free, high quality revision course that puts together the material covered in a structured manner. Additionally, you will be very well prepared for the final exam through our excellent practical exam preparation course.
  • The University of Bonn also offers an innovative Law and Economics Bachelor Degree. This six-semester programme teaches the central fields of law and cconomics, with particular focus on the practical relationship between the two fields. On completion of this bachelor degree, entrance to the regular Law Programme or economics doctoral studies is possible.
  • At the University of Bonn, you will benefit from the high level of your fellow students and at the same time can enjoy the centrally-placed city of Bonn, with its very diverse and stylish student-life. Furthermore, the city of Bonn attracts many international and national music stars and has many excellent museums and art galleries.
  • Seize the opportunity to study at a UN City where international conferences and meetings take place. Moreover, during your studies, you have the possibility to gain an insight into professional life by doing an internship at one of the many law chambers, federal authorities, scientific institutions and businesses which are found in the diverse city of Bonn.

Please note: The vast majority of lectures are held in German. Therefore, the information and advice published on this website is also mainly in German.