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Working Group European Criminal Law

The Working group for European Criminal Law (Arbeitskreis Europäisches Strafrecht) encourages the open open exchange of knowledge and ideas between researchers, politicians and practitioners. It is a platform to present and discuss developments and challenges of European Criminal Law.

The working group will reflect the role of criminal justice for the European integration. It will contribute to the overcoming of mutual challenges for criminal justice in Europe. This ambition is carried by awareness for the major tasks in criminal and security politics, which have to be met while preserving and cultivating the Fundamental Rights, the common legal principles and under consideration of the Member State´s identities.

Initiators and coordinating committee:

The working group was initiated by Martin Böse, Christoph Burchard and Frank Meyer in 2015. Members of the coordinating committee are: Heiko Albrecht, Hans-Holger Herrnfeld, Alexandra Jour-Schröder, Susanne Kuster, Otto Lagodny, Kai Lohse, Ralf Riegel and Fritz Zeder

Bisherige Tagungen:

  • 6. Tagung, Universität Frankfurt a.M., 18.11.2021 (online)
  • 5. Tagung, Universität Frankfurt a.M., 29.10.2020 (online)
  • 4. Tagung, EGMR u. Universität Luxemburg, 23.-24.09.2019
  • 3. Tagung, Universität Bonn, 14.-15.06.2018
  • 2. Tagung, Universität Zürich, 27.-28.04.2017
  • 1. Tagung, Universität Frankfurt a.M., 23.-24.06.2016