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History of the Juristisches Seminar

The Juristisches Seminar has a history spanning over 150 years. Here are the most important highlights:

1844 und 1854/55
Initiatives are made towards establishing a Juristisches Seminar (legal research institute). These initial initiatives, however, remained without success.
Hugo Hälschner urged for the creation of a Juristisches Seminar in his paper titled "Das Juristische Studium in Preußen” (The Study of Law in Prussia).
1862/63Hugo Hälschner together with Erwin Nasse and Heinrich von Achenbach establish the "Juristisch-staatswissenschaftlicher Verein" (Law and Economics Association). This association takes on the role already being carried out by law libraries existing elsewhere, including - organising study sessions and acting as a reference library for the students.
1872 The Juristisches Seminar is established and takes over responsibility for the above-mentioned tasks from the "Juristisch-Staatswissenschaftlicher Verein". The library of the Association, which was taken over by the Seminar had an initial collection of 350 volumes.
1894The Juristisches Seminar gets its own building (on Franziskanerstrasse).
1928 The Juristisches Seminar moves to the 2nd floor of the newly built wing of the Castle facing the city.
1940 A "Systematisches Verzeichnis des Bücherbestandes des Juristischen Seminars der Universität Bonn " (‘Systematic Catalogue of the Books in possession of the Juristisches Seminar’ - as of April 1939) is published.
1944 The Castle and the Juristisches Seminar are largely destroyed by bombs. Most of the collections are lost.
1951 The Juristisches Seminar is once again housed in the (rebuilt) Castle (now on the 2nd floor of the wing facing the ‘Hofgarten’) after being moved from its temporary abode in Bad Godesberg.
1966 The management of the Juristisches Seminar is linked to the Law Section of the University Library (ULB).
1967 The Juristisches Seminar is shifted to the newly built Law Faculty building on Adenauerallee (Juridicum).
1972 The Juristisches Seminar is expanded to include the rooms in the 2nd floor of the basement of Juridicum.
1991 Computer-assisted cataloguing of the collection begins.
1995 The OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) of the Juristisches Seminar is put into operation.
1998 The website of the Juristisches Seminar is first launched.
1999 The OPAC of the Juristisches Seminar becomes accessible online.
2008 The Juristisches Seminar catalogues its holdings in the HBZ (University Library Center) network and lists them in the university-wide catalogue of the ULB, which is later replaced by the search portal ‘Bonnus’.
2012 The Juristisches Seminar celebrates its 150th anniversary.
2020 A comprehensive electronic catalogue developed in the Juristisches Seminar consisting of the legal collections held by the University of Bonn - ‘bonnjur’ - goes online.