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The ECONtribute LawEcon Workshop is jointly organized by the Graduate School of Economics, the Law Faculty and the Max-Planck-Institute for Research on Collective Goods. It is an interdisciplinary workshop that brings together social scientists and legal scholars, whose research focuses on Law & Economics. The workshop meets on Tuesdays 18:00 at Juridicum, Room 0.017, Adenauerallee 24-42.

Financial support by the Excellence Cluster ECONtribute is gratefully acknowledged.

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Summer Term 2022

Date    Presenter    Title

Lisa Bruttel

(Uni Potsdam)

 A comparison of the per-se approach and a judgment by effect in competition law




Friedrich Heinemann

(ZEW & Uni Heidelberg)

 Europe's fiscal constitution and its pandemic transformation

Leonie Gerhards

(King's College London)


"Keep Them out of It! How Information Externalities Affect the Willingnes to Sell Personal Data Online (with Tim Friehe and Franziska Weber)


Libor Dušek

(Karls-Universität Prag)

 Law or Policy? The Role of Authority in Criminal Sentencing

Yotam Kaplan

(Bar-Ilan University)

 The macroeconomic theory of contractual excuse doctrine (with Yehonatan Givati and Yair Listokin)

Kevin Cope

(University of Virginia)