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Prof. Dr. Mathias Schmoeckel

Executive Director of the Institute of German and Rhenish Legal History and Civil Law


Born 1963 in Flensburg
1983-1989 Undergraduate Education in History of Art at the University of Bonn and Law in Bonn, Genf and Munich
1989 First, 1992 and Second State Exam in Law
1993 Doctoral Studies at the University of Munich under Professor Hermann Nehlsen on the subject of international law under the Third Reich
1993-1999 Teaching Assistant at the Institute of German and Bavarian Legal History at the University of Munich
1999 Habilitation with a paper on the development of evidence and criminal trial law from 1200 to 1800. Authorised to teach German and ecclesiastical legal history, history of international law and civil law
1st June 1999 Appointment as a Professor of German and Rhenish legal history at the University of Bonn
2002- Present Liaison Lecturer at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
October 2003-October 2004 Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Science of BonnWS 2003/2004 Visiting Professor at the Jean Monnet Faculty, University of Paris-South (XI)
12-16 September 2004
Host of the 35th Day of the German Historian event, under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and the President of the Federal Republic of Germany
October 2004- October 2005
Vice Dean, Chairman of the Legal Department
Involvement with the German Law School in Warsaw (Private Consumer Law)
2005-2006 Member of the Group ‘’Gerontologia’’
October 2005 in co-operation with Prof. Orazio Condorelli, Catania, Director of the 25th ‘’ International Summer School of ius comune’’
2006 -Present
Executive Director of the Rhenish Institute of Notary Law
2011- Present
Involvement with the International Doctoral Course of the University of Paris XI ‘’Gratianus’’



  • Corresponding Member of the Istituto Lombardo. Accademia di Scienze e Lettere, Classe di Scienze Morali, Sezione di Scienze Storiche e Filosofiche, Mailand
  • Member of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University, Atlanta

Executive Functions:

  • Stephan-Kuttner-Institute of Medieval Canon Law: Board of directors
  • ICMAC (Iuris canonici medii aevi consotiatio): Advisory board
  • Althusius-Gesellschaft: Board
  • Bonner Juristisches Forum: Chairman
  • Bonner Institut für Notarrecht: Executive Board

Other Functions:

  • Co-Editor: "Bonner Schriften zur Universitäts- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte"
  • Co-Editor: "Revue historique de droit français et étranger"
  • until 2017: Editor "Forum Historiae Juris"
  • Editor: "Forschungen zur neueren Privatrechtsgeschichte (Böhlau)"
  • Editor:"Rheinische Schriften zur Rechtsgeschichte (Nomos)"
  • Editor:"Rechtshistorische Reihe (Lang)"
  • Editor:"Rechtsordnung und Wirtschaftsgeschichte (Mohr)"
  • Editor:"Schriften des Rheinischen Vereins für Rechtsgeschichte (Böhlau)"
  • Editor:"Studien des Bonner Zentrums für Religion und Gesellschaft (Ergon)"
  • Advisory Board: "Studia Gratiana"
  • Corresponding Member: "Clio@Themis"

Key research Interests:

  • Law and Religion (ecclesiastical law, Reformation)
  • History of the Law of Evidence (6.- 18. Centuries)
  • History of International Law (19. and 20. Centuries), Civil Law (20th century) and National Socialism
  • Law of Inheritance


List of publications