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University of Bonn's Vis Moot Team 2021/22

Vis Moot Team

Jana Becker

Jana Becker is 24 years old. As she has already passed her state exam, she brings valuable expertise to the team. While focusing on her specialist degree programme, she is attending lectures on international relations such as European and international arbitration law. This interest in and her joy for the English language were already sparked by a student exchange to New Zealand during her high-school years. Alongside studying at the university, she works in corporate law for a major law firm, where she is gaining valuable practical experience. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing and baking.

Max Meier

Max Meier is 19 years old and studies law in his fourth semester at the University of Bonn. By having interned in a major law firm and through university courses, he developed his interest for legal disputes. Speaking different languages (German, English, Russian, French) and having learnt about the American and the Russian legal system in university courses, he is well set-up for the moot competition. During school, Max participated in various student exchange programs to Texas, US and Ireland. In addition, he graduated with the International Baccalaureate and bilingual A-levels in 2019. Currently, Max is committed to the Law Clinic Bonn, where he has gathered intense experience with practical law problems. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, doing karate, running as well as reading.

Sophie Riederer

Sophie Riederer is 20 years old and studying “Law and Economics” in her 6th semester. She speaks German, English, French and Danish. Growing up in four European metropolises (Hamburg, Vienna, Copenhagen and Brussels) has also taught her to adjust quickly to a new environment and to master unforeseen challenges. She has always had a great interest in international relations and has participated in various Model United Nations Conferences. In her spare time you will most likely find her playing volleyball, exploring different places or spending time with her friends.

Mats Visarius

Mats Visarius is 21 years old and is studying law in his third semester at the University of Bonn. Already at school he took over responsibility as his grade’s representative by organising events and communicating with the faculty. After finishing high school, he went to South Africa to work as a volunteer in a local Township project of Masifunde. There he enhanced his language skills and gained practical experience as part of a multicultural team. Since then, he is excited to combine his passion for private law with the curiosity of working and solving legal issues in an international context. With inter-cultural sensitivity and advanced practice in English he makes a valuable addition to the 21/22 Vis Moot Team. In his spare time, he loves meeting friends, playing piano and tennis.