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The Graduate School

The Faculty of Law's Graduate School was founded in the summer Semester 2018 and supports doctorate students writing their Thesis. The legal doctorate is based on three columns:

The indispensable individual supervision of the legal doctorate stays with a single faculty member. To simplify the coordination, especially to avoid doubling Thesis subjects, all doctorate students will be registered in the Forum with their working title as soon as possible.

Communication, dialogue and Dispute between the PhD students are promoted by the Homepage of the Graduate School. This page offers a central contact point for doctorate students where all relevant Information is obtainable centrally and where contacts at the faculty and the university can be found. Above all, it enables communication with other doctorate students and makes mutual approach easier. Via the portal you can search for doctorate papers which are currently in writing or already finished and contact other doctorate students in order to discuss. At the same time, there is an online forum for open discussions with a greater number of people. 

Additionally, as a third column, Graduate Studies are offered by the Graduate School.