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Graduate Studies

According to § 5 of the doctorate bylaw, suitable Graduate Studies will support the doctorate students while acquiring their legal doctorate. They can participate in these studies voluntarily.

The Graduate School provides a doctorate workshop for legal doctorate students every winter semester. The doctorate workshop serves as a platform for discussion, support and exchange of experience regarding overall challenges, problems and techniques. However, it does not help with the subject-specific consideration of an individual doctoral thesis. The latter stays assigned to the students' supervisors and self-networking.

Every summer semester there will be a lecture series aiming to impart knowledge to the doctorate students regarding the importance and methods of basic subjects as part of an otherwise non-basics-related dissertation and to strengthen those basics' status. These lectures are especially supposed to reveal to the doctorate students when a recourse to the relevant methods is necessary and when it would be unrewarding because of limited resources or minor benefit. When is it appropriate to include a "chapter" on legal history, legal economy, legal theory or legal philosophy within a doctorate thesis or at least to take these aspects into consideration and which requirements are imposed thereon? For example, when does it make sense to provide a monography dealing with current law with a historic instruction and if yes, is it e.g. necessary to analyse primary sources?

These offers are rounded by doctoral seminars held by individual faculty members wihin their supervised fields.


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Every doctorate student and everyone interested in acquiring a legal doctorate in Bonn is welcome!

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