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Communication Area

The communication area offers additional information for doctorate students and an online forum for networking in groups regarding different subjects.

For the moment, there are groups regarding the following subjects:

  • Basic questions about the legal doctorate
  • Private law
  • Public law
  • Criminal law
  • Basic subjects



To the communication area (access only on application)

After a onetime registration (see below) you will find our internal domain under https://forum.jura.uni-bonn.de


Access to the closed section is only granted to legal doctorate students and requires previous registration.

The requirements for such a registration are:

1. Information about name and e-mail address,

2. Information on the working title of the doctorate thesis and

3. forwarding an admission to the legal doctorate or a written confirmation by a member of the law faculty which confirms that you meet the requirements for the legal doctorate as well as an existing individual supervision of a dissertation with your working title.

You can apply for the closed area using the following form:

Registration Bonn Graduate School

Certificate of Enrollment