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The BAföG consulting hour takes place on thursdays from 12.00 - 13.00 o'clock.  A telephone advance registration (0228/73-9133) or to sekretariat.verrel@~@jura.uni-bonn.de  is requested. 

Please remember to submit the relevant application (certificate according to § 48 BAföG, Form 5) in good time. Only in exceptional cases it is possible to arrange an appointment outside office Hours. However, you can also deposit your complete documents in our mailbox opposite the dean's office. We will inform you when the certificate has been issued and is ready for collection. It is also possible to apply for the certificate by post. In this case we ask you to enclose a stamped and addressed return envelope. Non-franked entries will not be returned at the Chair's expense, but must be collected.

In order to issue a certificate, we need the following documents from you:

- Form no. 5 completed in the upper section 

- copy of your intermediate examination certificate or proof of performance (a BASIS excerpt with the date of the query is sufficient)

- a copy of your student identity card

- your contact details for any queries you may have.

According to the Interim examination regulations 2015, the normal course of study for students is to take the intermediate examination by the end of the 4th semester, but at least to complete six partial examinations, of which at least one is a term paper. From the 6th semester onwards, the passed intermediate examination is obligatory; in addition, at least two performances from the "Übungen" must have been performed. From the 5th semester onwards, at least one partial performance is required.