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Publications 2017

Prof. Dr. Florian Baumann

  • Product liability in markets for vertically differentiated products, American Law and Economics Review, forthcoming (with Tim Friehe and Alexander Rasch)
  • Crime & punishment under evidentiary uncertainty: Laboratory evidence, Supreme Court Economic Review, forthcoming (with Tim Friehe)
  • We want them all covered! Collective bargaining and firm heterogeneity. Theory and evidence from Germany, British Journal of Industrial Relations, forthcoming (with Tobias Brändle)
  • Imperfect credit markets and crime, Review of Law & Economics, forthcoming (with Tim Friehe)
  • Tax enforcement and corporate profit shifting, Applied Economics Letters, 2017, 24, 902- 905 (with Achim Buchwald, Tim Friehe, Hanna Hottenrott and John Weche)
  • Allocation of Liability: On the Efficiency of Composite Sharing Rules: Comment, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 2017, 73, 44-49
  • Design standards and technology adoption: welfare effects of increasing environmental fines when the number of firms is endogenous, Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, 2017, Vol. 19, 427-450 (with Tim Friehe)