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Prof. Dr. Svenja Hippel

From 1 October 2021 on Prof. Dr. Svenja Hippel takes over the professorship in Law and Economics.

You can find her CV and Publications here.

ECONTribute Law & Econ Workshop

For the Summer Term 2021 ECONTribute Law & Economics Workshop series the Center for Advanced Studies in Law and Econonics is honoured to welcome:

  • Julian Nyarko (Stanford Law School)
  • David Murphy (Bank of England & LSE Law)
  • Talia Gillis (Columbia Law School)
  • Kate Waldock (Columbia Millstein Center)
  • Zachary Liscow (Yale Law School)
  • Florenica Marotta-Wurgler (NYU Law School)

Further information on the ECONTribute Law & Econ Workshop.

Further Information on the University's Excellence cluster ECONTribute.