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Arrival at Köln/Bonn Airport (CGN)

Your way to the Conference

If you arrive at Köln/Bonn Airport (CGN), we recommend you to use the airport shuttle bus "SB60" to get to the Conference venues. As you can see in the picture above, you will only need 39 min to reach the Conference Hotel and the bus goes every 30 min.

To get relaxed to the conference, please notice the following advice:

- Find the right bus platform at Köln/Bonn Airport. Please check this overview to verify that you are at the right platform. The bus shuttle SB60 with direction "Bonn Hauptbahnhof" departs at platform No. 5. Little hint: The little bus is red-white coloured with the logo of "SWB".

- Buy your ticket right there at the bus driver. It will cost you  EUR 9.20. Please note: If you already have a so called "Deutschland-Ticket", nevertheless yo have to pay a surcharge of EUR 3.60.

- Leave the bus at the bus stop near the Conference hotel: "Brüdergasse/Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz" and walk 2 min to reach the hotel.

- Enjoy your ride!