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Law and Economics Colloquium

The Center for Advanced Studies in Law and Economics has hosted a Law and Economics Colloquium since 2006. Scholars and young academics of the Legal and the Economic Department of Bonn University as well as the Max-Planck-Institute for Research on Collective Goods discuss questions in the field of Law and Economics such as an economic analysis of distinct legal norms.

The Colloqium takes place as an online event on ZOOM. In case you not on the mailing list, but you want to take part in the colloquium, please write a mail to castle@~@uni-bonn.de and you will receive the required login details.

These are the Dates of the Winter Term 2020/2021:

  •   December 12th 2020, 5:15 PM: Prof. Dr. Louisa Specht-Riemenschneider (Universität Bonn); Title: Platform Liability