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The Jessup Team 2012

The Team


Christine Ferst

Christine Ferst is currently a Masters student at the University of Bonn Law School. After finishing grade school and junior high in the Philippines, she did her Abitur in Bonn and went on to study law in England at the University of Liverpool. She enjoys musical theatre, modern literature and movies.


Anne Goertz

Anne Maria Goertz is a student of law and economics at the University of Bonn and is in her third year. Anne speaks German, English and French and has a basic knowledge of Spanish. In 2010/2011 Anne participated in the 18th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court. Afterwards, she attended several courses on rhetoric, negotiation and mediation at the University of Bonn to improve her presentation and negotiation skills. Anne works as a student assistant at the chair of public law, Professor Dr. Hillgruber. Anne is looking forward to participating in the Jessup Moot Court because she hopes to enhance her knowledge of public international law and to meet many interesting people during the competition.

Andrea Mucciariello

Andrea Mucciariello graduated with distinction from Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanule II European High school in Naples in July 2009. He began his legal education at the Federico II Univesity of Naples in October 2009. He is now an Erasmus student at the University of Bonn. He is fluent in English and French and has a basic knowledge of German. His interest in public international law began with his participation in Model European Parliament while at school.

Linda Schäfer

Linda Schäfer graduated from the Martin-Luther-King School in Ratingen in 2008. Afterwards she spent eight months in Australia where she attended an English language school. She started to study law at the University of Bonn in April 2010 and since 2011 Linda is engaged in the Bonner Rechtsjournal. She completed an internship at the public prosecutor's office in Berlin in summer 2011. In her spare time, she fences and loves to swim. Linda hopes to specialise in international law.


Martin Schäfer

After graduating from Gymnasium Essen-Werden in 2009 Martin did nine months of social service in a retirement home. He started his law studies in October 2010 and is currently working as a student assistant to Prof Dr. Leistner LL. M. at the chair for intellectual property and competition law. His legal interests include public international law and intellectual property law.


The Coaches

Daniela Danz

Daniela Danz studied law in Bonn and Madrid is now coach of the Jessup team. She is research assistant to Prof. Talmon at the Public International Law Institute of the University of Bonn and is writing her doctoral thesis at the Institute of Tax Law under the supervision of Prof. Hüttemann. Daniela has mooting experience, having previously participated in the 14th Willem C. Vis Moot Court. To relax, Daniela enjoys baking and singing in a choir.



Eoghan McSwiney

Eoghan McSwiney is the coach of the Jessup team in the Public International Law Institute of the University of Bonn. He graduated with a B.C.L. degree from University College Cork, Ireland andrecently completed an LL.M. in University College London. He has wide ranging experience in mooting and public speaking, having taught communications skills in many different countries. In his spare time, Eoghan enjoys reading, sports, keeping up to date with current affairs and his struggle to learn German.