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01-02_Mind Map Russian aggression

01-02_Russia's attack on Ukraine and the jus ad bellum

01-02_Russian Statement ICJ

01-02_Russia's justification of the special military operation

03_OLG Koblenz, Urteil vom 24.02.2021 - 1 StE 3/21

03_Sinha German Court Finds Syrian Government Practices Constitute Crimes Against Humanity

04_Intra-EU BITs_Literature


04-B_Opinion 1_17_CETA

04-C_Achmea declaration of 22 Member States

04-D_Achmea declaration of 5 Member States

04-E_Termination Agreement

04-F_Energy Charter Treaty


05_International Health Regulations_2005

05_Pandemics in IL_Literature

05_Potential claims for damages incurred due to the coronavirus pandemic

05_WHO Constitution_1946

06_German Application to ICJ_29.4.2022

06_Judgment No. 238_2014 of 22 October 2014 of the Italian Constitutional Court

06_Jurisdictional Immunities of the State_Judgment of 3.2.2012

06_Jurisdictional Immunities of the State_Order of 4 July 2011

06_Jurisdictional Immunities of the State_Order of 6 July 2010

06_Jus Cogens after Germany v. Italy_Leiden JIL 25 (2012), 979-1002

07-A_Ukraine v Russia_Request for Provisional Measures

07-B_Ukraine v Russia_Order of 16 March 2022

07-C_Kulick Provisional Measures after Ukraine v. Russia JIDS 2022

08-A_ILC (2018) Draft conclusions on identification of customary international law


9-A_South West Africa_1966 judgment

9-B_Ruys_Legal Standing and Public Interest Litigation

9-C_Gaja_Standing_International Court of Justice

9-D_Urs_Obligations erga omnes and standing

10-A_A Universal System of Collective Security

11_Drone Warfare_Material

11-A_Higher Administrative Court North Rhine-Westphalia, Ramstein Decision

11-B_Targeted Killings in Pakistan Case

11-C_Deadly Assistance

11-D_BVerwG_Judgment of 25 November 2020

11-E_ECtHR_Georgia v Russia (II)

11-F_Federal Administrative Court rules on Ramstein

12_Killing of General Soleimani_literature

12-A_GPIL_The US killing of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani


13-A_GPILDiplomatic asylum on German embassy premises in Istanbul

13-B_GPIL_Arrest of an Iranian diplomat over alleged bomb attack in France

13-C_ICJ_Asylum Case

13-D_Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations