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Bitte beachten Sie: Am 02.10./04.10.2023 werden die Soft Skill-Veranstaltungen in einem Hybrid-Format angeboten, es wird also eine zusätzliche Übertragung via Zoom geben. Wir möchten Sie aber grundsätzlich zur Teilnahme in Präsenz (Hörsaal E) auffordern, u.a. weil bei Teilnahme via Zoom voraussichtlich nur eine eingeschränkte Möglichkeit zum Fragenstellen bestehen wird. Betrachten Sie die Teilnahmemöglichkeit via Zoom daher nur als "Notlösung", falls Sie an der Teilnahme in Präsenz ernsthaft verhindert sind!

Die Zugangsdaten für das Zoom-Meeting finden Sie bei eCampus.

exam preparation course


The exam preparation course serves to preparation for the national legally required audit in study course of law and includes the following five category groups, which are applied to a comprehensive preparation and arranged for two terms.

- The review course, which covering in content all relevant issues for the exams, takes place almost non-stop from the beginning of the lecture period of winterterm until the end of summerterm.

- Parallel there is for a realistic performance rating the exam course, which takes places year-round to practice writing of exams. In case of difficulty with the exammethod the “Klausurenklinik” (center for written exams) offers an intensive analysis of the exercise course with individual advice.

- Besides there is the testexam which takes place in free period. For the sake of students, who are at the beginning of their preparation the University offers an accompanied testexam to get a realistic impression from the written Part of national legally required audit.

- After sit in the written part of national legally required audit the students could participate in a simulation of oral testexam in one of the three fields of law. The simulation takes place non-stop from the beginning of the lecture period of winterterm until the end of summerterm.

- The waiting period should be used to practice the short lecture, which is part of the oral exam.

Furthermore there are lectures about current relevant dispensation of justice and diverse other events to support the students in their preparation for the national legally required audit.