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Review Course - Civil Law modules

The Civil Law part of the review course four of a total of eight modules handle the major subjects the general part of the Civil Law, the Law of Obligations and the Law of Property: The first module covers the teachings of the general part and the general law of obligations - mainly shown in the sales law - and incorporates the general terms and conditions law. The second module deals with the legal obligations of the special law of obligations and covers besides agency without authority, the tort law and the unjust enrichment law, but also the owner-possessor relationship as a special legal obligation. The third module focuses on the other types of contracts that have not been dealt with so far as well as the consumer protection law, before finally property and collateral security law including the law of personal guaranties form the main topics of the fourth module. Around the last fifth of the civil law course program is devoted to the minor subjects family and inheritance law, including international private law, commercial and company law, labor law and civil procedure law, with a total of four modules.