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The 2024 ICC Moot Court Team

Elena Davydova, Emma Rößeler, Malte Lützen, Theresa Gurlit, Kim Ihrlich

Elena Davydova is studying law in her fifth semester at the University of Bonn. She grew up in Russia and was enrolled in an international law program for one year before moving to Germany in 2020. She has completed the intermediate exam and interned in the legal departments of two leading American companies - FedEx and Stryker.  By taking the Introduction to Anglo-American Law course and participating in the FFA program she has enriched her legal English skills. Additionally, Elena is passionate about advocating for the rights of foreign students, which is why she leads the Department for International Students of the Student Council. It was her ECtHR moot court experience in Russia that drew her to take part in the ICC competition. Through her diverse background, Elena brings a multicultural approach to law.

Theresa Gurlit graduated from Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff Gymnasium Münster in 2022 and is currently studying law in her third semester. As a repeatedly successful participant of the “Geschichtswettbewerb des Bundespräsidenten” and a student assistant at Professor Shirvani’s chair for public law, she already gained experience in research. As elected school representative she learned how to solve problems as a team as well as pursuing persistent targets for the student body and presenting the results. In this way, she became interested in teamwork on a long-term project. Visiting the bilingual class at her school, she was also taught Biology and History in English which resulted in her being familiar with written as well as spoken English. Her legal studies are supported by a scholarship from the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Being involved in the work of a judge at a court during her internship, she felt an increasing interest in criminal law. Theresa is looking forward to deepening her legal English skills as well as pleading and performing with her teammates at the ICC Moot Court Competition.

Kim Ihrlich graduated from Franziskus Gymnasium Vossenack in 2021 and started studying law in October of the same year. Over the past two years, Kim has developed a more profound interest in both civil and criminal law and is therefore looking forward to learning more about international criminal law. Besides her studies, she voluntarily works as a tutor and has a passion for Judo. After a great season, she will fight with her team in the federal league next year. Due to a summer stay in England, she is eager to further improve her English skills.

Kim is curious to examine legal issues in the context of the ICC Moot Court, to experience different perspectives on legal issues and to enhance her skills to plead.

Malte Lützen is 21 years old and studying law in his sixth semester at the University of Bonn. After having completed his intermediate exam, he pursued supplementary coursework, including "Introduction to Anglo-American Law". He has always had a strong interest in criminal law, which led him to participate in a proseminar centered on some of the current affairs in international criminal law. After graduating from the Konrad-Adenauer-Gymnasium in Meckenheim in 2020, Malte, alongside two friends, established a Media-Agency. This endeavour made him appreciate any chance to meet and learn from many talented individuals who have similar interests. Consequently, his decision to engage in the ICC Moot Court Competition felt like an obvious choice. Malte aspires to further improve his knowledge of international criminal law and legal English skills, while also meeting many like-minded students.

Emma Rößeler graduated from the Inda Gymnasium Aachen in 2020 and completed her LL.B. in Law and Economics at the University of Bonn in 2023. She also began to study Law at Bonn this summer semester and works as a student assistant at Professor Koenig‘s chair. Besides that, she works in the Legal Department of the city administration of Stolberg.

During school, she spent half a year at a Boarding School in England and continued to enhance her English skills by participating in the University’s FFA program. She is looking forward to learning more about international criminal law with her team during the ICC Moot Court Competition.