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The Jessup Team 2014



The 2014 Team

Holly Wesener JD (Coach), Marie Kampschulte, Laura Bartels, Theresa Storr, Alexander Romanowicz, and Antonia Sieb

The 2014 Team finished 8th out of 19 teams at the 2014 German National Rounds in Trier.


Laura Bartels graduated from the European School Munich in 2007. After taking a gap year to volunteer for the Red Cross, she started her law studies in 2008 in Jena. Spending an Erasmus year at the Sorbonne University in Paris increased her enthusiasm for international law and politics. Laura regularly participates in Model United Nations conferences and has served as a committee chair on several occasions. At the National Model United Nations in New York in 2013 she was awarded 'Outstanding Position Paper' and her delegation was granted 'Honorable Mention'. Laura attended most of primary school in San Diego, California. As a Jessup participant, she hopes to further deepen her knowledge of international law and improve her presentation skills.

Marie Kampschulte began studying law at the University of Bonn in 2010 after graduatingfrom Carl-Duisberg-Gymnasium. Her interest in public international law originated during her second year when she first attended lectures on the topic and she has been hooked ever since. In 2012 Marie was an Erasmus Student at Pàzmàny-Pèter University in Budapest, where she studied European law and strengthened her knowledge of Hungarian and English. In her spare time she volunteers with a youth organization and is an active member of the University’s equestrian team. Marie has also worked at the Haus der Springmaus as a waitress and bartender since 2010. She is looking forward to the challenge that the Jessup presents and learning practical legal skills.

Alexander Romanowicz is a 2012 graduate of the Friedrich-Leopold-Woeste-Gymnasium in Hemer and a third semester law student at the University of Bonn. In addition to his studies, Alexander is very engaged in the Bonn chapter of the European Law Students Association, where he currently serves as vice president, and is actively involved in politics. In 2012 he was elected district chairman of the young liberals in his home district. In his spare time he plays handball and likes to travel. As his parents come from Poland, Alexander holds a dual citizenship and also has basic knowledge of Polish. During the Jessup he hopes to improve his English language skills and to work successfully with his teammates.

Antonia Sieb enrolled to study Law and Economics at the University of Bonn in October 2012. After graduating from Hansa-Gymnasium Stralsund in 2011 she spent six months in Santa Barbara, California attending a language school and volunteering at an elementary school. Antonia used the opportunity to optimize her English language skills while meeting people from around the globe and travelling the country. Antonia is an active member of the ELSA chapter in Bonn and, in her home town, she has volunteered as a tutor for children since 2008. She has knowledge of Spanish and French and holds dual American-German citizenship. Antonia is eager to acquire more knowledge in public international law and enjoys being involved with such a challenging project.

Theresa Storr began studying law in October 2012, after changing her major from math. Following her graduation from Christoph-Jacob-Treu Gymnasium in 2011, she spent three months volunteering in South Africa. There she was responsible for teaching her own class in mathematics, which enhanced her capabilities in intercultural communication. She has gained experience in international law by participating in the Institute’s Speed Moot Court as well as the ICJ simulation at the International Model United Nations conference in Berlin. In her youth she lived in the United States for six years. In her leisure time, Theresa enjoys tennis and playing the piano. By participating in the Jessup Moot Court she hopes to gain a better understanding of international law.

Das Team bedankt sich bei seinen Sponsoren:

  • CBH Rechtsanwälte
  • CMS Hasche Sigle