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Dr. Alexis Galán

Alexis Galán joined the Bonn Institute for Public International Law in October 2020. Before coming here, he was a post-doc at the Research Center Normative Orders, Goethe University Frankfurt (2018-2020), and at Bocconi University, Italy (2014-2017). He is interested in general issues of international law, as well as its theory and history. Currently he is pursuing three projects. The first one focuses on the impact on resilience in international financial regulation, as well as the use of peer review as a regulatory mechanism by transnational financial institution, and the impact of customary international law in international tax law. He has a PhD from the European University Institute, and LLM from both VU University Amsterdam and Leiden University, and a LLB from the University of Malaga. For more information see his website.

Contact details

Telephone: (0228) 73-7973

Mail: alexis.galan(at)uni-bonn.de


  • Edited Books
    • 2017: The Law of International Lawyers: Reading Martti Koskenniemi, Cambridge University Press (Co-Edited with Wouter Werner and Marieke de Hoon).
  • Articles and Essays
    • 2020: ‘System, Order, and History as a Conceptual Repository in International Law,’ 83(2) Modern Law Review 451-476.
    • 2019: ‘The Search for Legitimacy in International Law: The Case of the International Investment Regime,’ 43(1) Fordham International Law Journal 81-128.
    • 2018:´The Shifting Boundaries of Legitimacy in International Law,’ 87(4) Nordic Journal of International Law 436-465.
    • 2018: ‘Julius Stone, aggression, and the future of the international criminal court,’ 18(2) International Criminal Law Review 304-330.
    • 2016: ‘The emergence of European private law and the plurality of authority,’ 7(4) Transnational Legal Theory 499-523 (joint with Stephanie Law).
    • 2016: ‘New wine, old wineskins: On the geographical assumptions of international constitutional law,’ 19(2) Journal of International Relations and Development 222-241.
    • 2013: ‘The limits of normative legal pluralism: Review of Paul Schiff Berman, Global Legal Pluralism: A Jurisprudence of Law beyond Borders,’ 11(3) International Journal of Constitutional Law 783-800 (joint with Dennis Patterson).
  • Book Chapters
    • Forthcoming: ‘Taming polycentric governing: Global Administrative Law’s reformist ambition,’ in J.A. Scholte and F. Gadinger (eds.), Polycentrism: How Governing Works Today (OUP or CUP).
    • 2017 ‘Introduction. The Law of International Lawyers,’ in The Law of International Lawyers: Reading Martti Koskenniemi, Cambridge University Press (jointly with Wouter Werner and Marieke de Hoon).
  • Book Reviews
    • 2020: Claus Kreß and Stefan Barriga (eds.), The Crime of Aggression - A Commentary, Volumes 1 & 2 (CUP 2017), 20(2) International Criminal Law Review 395-404.