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Conditions of Participation

As the participation in our key skills courses is without charge for you but financed by quality improvement funds, there a certain rules that you need to observe:

  1. All offers within the key skills education remain reserved to these students of the law faculty who major in law. In case that there are free spots left, the courses may be attended by doctoral students and graduate student research assistants of the law faculty and – in exceptional cases – also students who minor in law. There will be a note, i.a. on these pages here, if the latter is the case.
  2. Registration for the courses is binding. Attendance is obligatory. We will activate the online booking of the course ca. four weeks before the start of the course. Please note the respective announcements/ advertising in the Juridicum, on the monitors and on Instagram/ Facebook. Around two days before the start of the course you will receive an email to your university mailing address (@uni-bonn.de) which will give you all the information necessary for the course.
  3. If you cannot participate due to illness, please hand in a doctor’s certificate. All in all you are allowed to miss two days of the key skills courses.
  4. If you stay away from the course event without having handed in a doctor’s certificate, you will be blocked for the participation in all offers of the key skills for the next two semesters. That is, you will not be allowed to participate in one of the key skills events that are financed by quality improvement funds during this time period.
  5. A registration for the key skill courses is ALWAYS binding. It is not possible to independently sign off from a workshop via Basis. Otherwise point 3 applies.

These rules have been drawn up in cooperation with the student association. They shall ensure that the quality improvement funds are used in a sensible manner and that they are well accepted by the students.