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FFA Lecture Series

A series of lectures in English!

Since winter semester 2013/2014 the FFA Lecture Series has taken place regularly.

The FFA Lecture Series was initiated as part of the Alumni programme for our FFA graduates and enjoys great popularity among our FFA students, law students in general and among students beyond the faculty (also due to the diversity of the offered events) ever since.

The individual events are open to all interested students as well as the public in general!

During two events per semester (such as presentations/lectures, discussions or seminars) the lecturers (not only from our FFA programme) demonstrate national and international interesting current, controversial and/or fundamental subjects, share their experience and discuss their views with you.

Use this opportunity to get to know exciting, international personalities from various areas of teaching and the professional world and at the same time deepen (or brush up) your linguistic proficiency without any regulatory obligation. You can look forward to inspiring contacts and new insights into various legal issues.


FFA Lecture Series Attendance Confirmation

Would you like more? If you attend the events of one year regularly (or at least four events), you will receive a FFA-Lecture-Series Attendance Confirmation! You can receive the required stamp sheet at the beginning of your firstly attended Lecture Series event from the FFA Team.

Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2024

"Achmea and Its Consequences"

Foreign investments can be risky and the competition steep. Foreign investors are dealing with local competition and local governmental regimes, so to protect themselves against potential arbitrary regulatory changes that could adversely affect their investments, many investors rely on investment protection agreements. Typically, these agreements include an arbitration clause calling for arbitration between the investor and the State (“investor-State arbitration”) in the case of a dispute. But what happens if an EU investor has a dispute with an EU Member State? Does the arbitral tribunal decide points of EU law that are better left to the European Court of Justice (“CJEU”)? What if the tribunal makes findings that conflict with EU law? On 6 March 2018, the CJEU faced this issue and rendered a landmark judgment in the proceedings Slovak Republic v Achmea BV. Specifically, it held that Articles 267 and 344 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (“TFEU”) preclude provisions in international agreements between EU Member States under which an investor from one EU Member State, in the event of a dispute concerning investments in another EU Member State, may bring proceedings against the latter EU Member State before an arbitral tribunal. Since then, the CJEU, as well as various national courts, have rendered decisions dealing with the CJEU’s findings in the Achmea Judgment both in jurisdiction and enforcement contexts. Many questions regarding the interplay between EU law, public international law and national law that have arisen due to the Achmea Judgment have led to controversial discussions and remain without a definite answer until today. This lecture will explain the background as well as the content of the Achmea Judgment and provide an overview of court decisions rendered in the wake of the Judgment.

Dr. Kathrin Nordmeier, Attorney-At-Law (California), Lawyer at Noerr Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, Frankfurt am Main

Montag, 24.06.2024, 18:30 Uhr

Fakultätszimmer (Juridicum)

Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2022/23

"Legal Practice Skills"

Keith Calhoun-Senghor, J.D./B.A.

07., 08., 09., 10., 14., 15. November 2022
jeweils 10:00 - 13:00 Uhr
via Zoom

Anmeldung über Basis

Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2021

"Are contractual laws more attractive and better than others? An empirical und socio-legal assessment"

Manuel José Segovia González,
Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute (Florence)

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2021, 18 Uhr (s.t.)


Meeting-ID: 945 9293 6550
Passwort: 311326

"Challenges of entering the US market: A holistic view from a legal perspective "

Sebastian Meis,
Attorney in Atlanta (Georgia)

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2021, 18 Uhr (s.t.)


Meeting-ID: 945 9293 6550
Passwort: 311326

Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2020

"Data Protection trends in the EU and US - How does Germany compare?"

Helga Turku, J.D.

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2020, 18 Uhr (s.t.)


Meeting-ID: 928 9800 7803
Passwort: 864057

Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2019/20

"Make America Roman again? The US Constitution and the Roman Republic" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Ryan Citlau, J.D.

Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2020, 18 Uhr (s.t.)

Raum Grün, Adenauerallee 18-22

November 2019: "Legal Practice Skills - Things They Don't Teach You in Law School" (Vorlesung)

Keith Calhoun-Senghor, J.D./B.A.

11.-15. + 18. November 2019, jeweils 10 (s.t.) - 13 Uhr

Raum Grün, Adenauerallee 18 - 22

Anmeldung über Basis: Legal Practices Skills


24.10.2019: The Criminalisation of Female Genital Mutilation - A German-Australian Comparison

While Female Genital Mutilation (‘FGM’) is mainly practiced in some African, Asian and Middle-Eastern countries, a number of cases have been reported in Western countries of immigration, including Germany and Australia. As a result, both countries have amended their laws and introduced the stand-alone offence of FGM in their respective criminal frameworks. This lecture explores how the laws operate in Germany and Australia in this context by analysing relevant statutes, case law and the problems associated with law reform in this area.

The lecture will be held by Dr. Kerstin Braun, LLM /Qld/ , PhD /Qld, //Senior Lecturer (Law and Justice) at University of Southern Queensland (Australia. 

It takes place on October 24th 2019 at 6 pm. (s.t.) in Hörsaal G/ Juridicum.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2019


"Trump's Court? The US Supreme Court in the Era of Polarization" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dr. Matthias Enders, Evaluator of Foreign Education Credentials at the Central Office for Foreign Education (USA, UK)

Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019, 18 Uhr (s.t.) in Hörsaal A (Juridicum)

"International Arbitration in Sports" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dr. Maria A. Gwynn, MJur (Oxon), International Arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Donnerstag, 09. Mai 2019, 18-20 Uhr in Raum 0.042 (Juridicum)

Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2018/19

"The Unified Patent Court - A New Framework For European Patent Litigation" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dr. Clemens Plassmann, Partner at Hogan Lovells, Düsseldorf

Donnerstag, 08.11.2018, 18 Uhr (s.t.) im Fakultätszimmer (Juridicum)

"Legal Practice Skills - Things They Don't Teach You in Law School" (Vorlesung)

Keith Calhoun-Senghor

ab 12.11.-20.11.

"Carve-out Transactions In A Regulated Environment" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dr. Tobias Larisch

Donnerstag, 06.12.2018, 18 Uhr (s.t.) im Fakultätszimmer (Juridicum)

Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2018

"The American Criminal Justice System" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

John Deist, Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice

Dienstag, 29.05.2018, 18 Uhr (s.t.) in Hörsaal B (Juridicum)

"Attack on Big Tech? Implication of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" (Vortrag mit Diskussion)

Angela Yang, J.D. Barrister and Solicitor (Canada) und Associate bei Osborne Clarke Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Partnerschaft mbH in Köln

Donnerstag, 07.06.2018, 18 Uhr (s.t.) im Fakultätszimmer (Juridicum)

"International Cooperation in Agriculture: Implementing the Right to Food" - FFA-Lunch-Lecture in Zusammenarbeit mit den Bonn Negotiators

Astrid Jakobs de Pádua, Minister Counselor at German Embassy, Washington D.C.

Freitag, 22.06.2018, 12 Uhr (s.t.) in Raum Grün, Adenauerallee 18-22

Wintersemester 2017/18

High Crimes and Misdemeanors - Impeaching an American President (Vortrag mit Diskussion)

Dr. Matthias Enders

Dienstag, 23.01.2018, 18 Uhr (s.t.) in Raum 0.042 (Juridicum)

Weitere Infos finden Sie hier!


Sommersemester 2017

Curse or blessing - The impact of Bilateral Investment treaties on developed and developing economies (Vortrag)

Nihal D´Souza, LL.M., B.C.L. (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Lehrstuhl für Internationales Privatrecht und Rechtsvergleichung von Prof. Lehmann)

Termin: Donnerstag, 28. September 2017, 18 Uhr (s.t.) im Fakultätszimmer (Juridicum)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier!


Wintersemester 2016/17

International Arbitration at first glance (Vorlesung)

Gustav Flecke-Giammarco, aus der Kanzlei Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, Düsseldorf

Termine: 24., 25. und 31.01.2017, am 24. und 31.01. in der Lennéstrasse 35, am 25.01. in Raum Grün, Adenauerallee 18-22, EG

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung erhalten Sie hier (Basis)


Uncharted territory - England's legal landscape post Brexit (Vortrag mit Diskussion)

Christopher Bisping, LL.M., Associate Professer Warwick School of Law/ UK

Termin: 16.01.2017, 18:00 Uhr in HS VIII (Hauptgebäude)

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier!


Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2016:

"Ways to the Truth: Transparency and Discovery in German and U.S. Civil Litigation" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dozent: Maximilian Bülau, LL.M. (Edinburgh), Senior Associate, Hengeler Mueller, Frankfurt

Termin: Montag, 04.07.2016, 18 Uhr in HS F (Juridicum)


"Love is blind - but can it impair contractual  consent?"

Dozent: Michael Neumeier LLB (Hons)/BCom

Termin: Freitag, 22.07.2016, 16 Uhr (s.t.) in HS F (Juridicum)


 Keine Anmeldung erforderlich!


Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2015/16


"Fears and Facts - The Truth about TTIP" (Vortrag und Diskussion)

Dozierende: Liliane Djahangir, LL.M & Maximilian Bülau, LL.M (Hengeler Mueller, Frankfurt)

Termin: 26.01.2016, 18.00h (s.t.), HS - G (Juridicum)


Keine Anmeldung erforderlich, weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.


Negotiate an EU crisis yourself!

Dozent: Dr. Paul Meerts
Weitere Informationen zum Kurs erhalten Sie hier.


Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2015:

When a Ding steals a Baby - Criminal Law and Procedure in Australia(Blockveranstaltung)

Dozentin: Dr. Kerstin Braun, University of Southern Queensland, Australien

Termine: 29. Juni - 02. Juli 2015 (4 Termine)

Weitere Informationen zum Kurs erhalten Sie hier:

I don't take this man to be my Husband - Forced Marriage in Germany and Australia (Vortrag mit Diskussion)

Dozentin: Dr. Kerstin Braun, University of Southern Queensland, Australien

Termin: 02.07.2015, 17.45h (Hörsaal F, Juridicum)

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier:

Meet & Hear Shelley McKinley talk about: Shifting Trends and the Geopolitics of Technology

Dozentin: Shelley McKinley (Head of Legal for Microsoft Western Europe)

Termin: 12.05.2015, 17.45h in Hörsaal G

Besonders interessant für Studierende und Praktiker aus den Bereichen Rechtswissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Politik.


Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2014/15:

Danger High Voltage! The implementation of the Trans-European Energy Network (TEN-E) - Regulation in Germany regarding the electricity sector. (Vortrag)

Dozenten: Martin Müller / Peter Rottmann (Referenten Bundesnetzagentur)

Termin: Do. 05.02.2015, 18:00 s.t. in Hörsaal A

Besonders Interessant für potentielle Bewerber um einen Praktikumsplatz oder eine Stage im Referendariat.

Legal Practice Skills (Workshop / Seminar)

Dozent: Keith Calhoun-Senghor (Sr. Counsel Norten Rose Fulbright, München)

Termine: (Blockveranstaltung) 10. bis18. November 2014


Veranstaltungen im Sommersemester 2014:

Veranstaltung mit den "Bonn Negotiators" am 10.07.2014

 - Negotiation basics – styles, methods and self-evaluation -

Das Team der "Bonn Negotiators" (http://www.jura.uni-bonn.de/index.php?id=5466 ) wird die nächste Veranstaltung im Rahmen unserer "FFA-Lecture-Series" gestalten, indem am Donnerstag, 10.7.,  ab 18 h s.t. in HS D ein Einführungsworkshop zu Verhandlungsstrategien angeboten wird. Sei dabei und versuche dich selbst als negotiator in einem mock case, nachdem du erstes Wissen über Verhandlungsstrategien erworben hast!

International Investment Arbitration - The Silver Bullet to Resolve Disputes

between Foreign Investors and States?

- Vortrag und anschließende Diskussion

Andrea Ernst, LL.M. (Harvard), Kanzlei Shearman & Sterling LLP / Frankfurt

Termin: 08.05.2014 ab 18:00h (Hörsaal F)


Veranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2013/2014:

English in German Courts? - Vortrag und anschließende Diskussion

Christopher Bisping, LL.M., Assistant Professer Warwick School of Law/ UK

Dr. Patrick Schroeder, Kanzlei Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer/ Hamburg

Termin: 16.01.2014 (Hörsaal K)

Es ist keine Anmeldung erforderlich.

International Commercial Law in Practice – Vorlesung*

Keith Calhoun-Senghor, Kanzlei Norton Rose Fulbright/München



Informationen über Inhalt und Ablauf der Veranstaltung finden Sie hier: