Foreign Languages

On the following pages you will find our range of courses in foreign languages.


The Faculty of Law in Bonn offers a programme for technical foreign language education in English. The programme includes the FFA on UNIcert level III and the FFA LPP on UNIcert level I.


FFA on UNIcert level III:

Duration: 3 semesters

Registration: Application

Period of time: During lecturing period

Certificate: UNIcert©level III (possibility to take a semester off as stated in § 25 Abs. 2 S. 1 Nr. 4 JAG NRW)


FFA LPP on UNIcert level IV:

Duration: 2 semester

Registration: Application

Period of time: During lecturing period (Long Distance Learning and internships abroad perhaps take place during semester break)

Certificate: UNIcert©level IV

FFA Lecture Series

FFA Lecture Series

A series of lectures in English, which is integrated in the Alumni programme of the FFA in Bonn.


Offers: Two events per semester

Registration: Open to everyone who is interested

Certificate: Possibility of obtaining a "Lecture Series Attendance Confirmation" when visited at least four events.

Legal English Courses

International Legal English

A technical foreign language course for an introduction and in-depth Legal English with presentation training.

Duration: 1 semester

Registration: Basis

Peroid of time: during lecturing period

Certificate: Attendance certificate



International Legal Terminology

Introduction to legal terms in various languages.

(JAG-relevant certificates of attendance in the sense of § 7 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 JAG NRW)




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