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International Legal English

International Legal English is a legal English course offered at the law faculty in Bonn, lasting one semester at 4 contact hours a week. The course subjects consist mainly of commercial law (e.g. Contracts, Remedies, Intellectual Property Law, competition Law, Company Law) - but also elements of Penal Law (Jury System and Courts etc.), concentrating on Anglo-American legal concepts, terms and vocabulary. The history of The Common Law will also be introduced.
Emphasis is put on legal vocabulary acquisition and the ability to use this when communicating in English. Course core material (core material: hand-outs introducing students to the subjects) is supplemented with authentic articles, videos and radio programs, all with a legal perspective and designed to generate clarification, discussion and debate. Further emphasis is put on students’ verbal improvement: students are given ample opportunity to use new vocabulary and structures through discussion/debate, explanation and clarification. Homework is an important and integral part of this course: as far as is possible, the initial reading of texts, and the learning of vocabulary, audio tasks etc. will be done at home, allowing more time for interactive use of language in class.

No entrance test is required for this course. But, it is highly recommended that students are on the B2 CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) English language level for successful participation.

During the course, students will be required to learn a large amount of legal vocabulary, including legal concepts, and be able to explain these in class. The course is highly student production orientated (group work + presentations etc.): students who wish to take part must be prepared to: Participate with verbal contribution - Learn/contribute independently and in groups - attend class regularly.

At the end of the course, students will be issued a certificate of attendance. There will be no exam.

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