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Master "Deutsches Recht" (LL.M.)

The Faculty of Law and Economics of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn offers the master study programme “Master of German Laws (LL.M.) – Master im Deutschen Recht (LL.M.)” leading to the academic degree of a Master of Laws, LL.M (Magister Legum, Master im Deutschen Recht (LL.M.)). Lawyers, who have successfully completed a legal study programme at a foreign university equivalent to the German legal study programme, can be admitted to this study programme. This Master programme is an additional study programme in German for two semesters; it is designed to give students an introduction to German Legal Tradition as well as basic knowledge of the German Law in a specific consolidation. Students are free to choose one of the three major subjects of the legal studies (Civil Law, Public Law, Criminal Law) and to specialize, according to their interests. The Master study programme has to be completed by a master thesis and its defense. With the thesis, students have to prove the mastery of the main features of the German Law and the ability to work independently and scientifically in the chosen subject.

Information about the german language courses at the University of Bonn and the DSH-Exam



Das Online Bewerbungsverfahren zum Wintersemester 2022/ 23 ist beendet.

Es hat vom 01.06.2022 bis zum 30.06.2022 stattgefunden.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Masterstudiengang „Deutsches Recht“ in seiner jetzigen Form voraussichtlich zum Ende des Wintersemesters 2022/2023 ausläuft.

Alle noch laufenden Prüfungsverfahren werden abgewickelt; es werden jedoch keine weiteren Bewerbungsphasen durchgeführt.




Registration to the exams

Information on registering for the exams