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Rhineland Lectures in International Law: German Angst - facing colonial reverberations and legal repercussions

The Institute for Public International Law is pleased to announce the next Rhineland Lecture in International Law. Dr Thamil Venthan Ananthavinayagan will speak on the topic of  "German Angst: facing colonial reverberations and legal repercussions". While the lecture will be delivered in person, participants may join via Zoom:


Meeting-ID: 629 0743 5276

Passcode: 572141


Date: 30 March 2023, 13.00-14.00

Location: Völkerrechtsbibliothek (Ostturm, 4th floor)


The event is open to the public. Registration is not required.


Please contact Julian Hettihewa (hettihewa[at]uni-bonn.de) if you have any questions. For further information see here.